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Sat Aug 11 10:55:24 EST 2007

Andrew Rich wrote:

>I would like to make representation to the company that makes easy radio.
>They are currently on 434 and 900 MHz licence free bands.
>They do 19k2 on air at 10 mW.
>I would like to ask them about producing a module that is up the band a
>into the 70 cm region.
>I have looked at after burners. For $80 I can get a kit that will give me
>around 15 watts out.
>The databurst is true FSK at 100 kHz.
>I am now curious as to the licence implications.
>Where would you run a digital signal around 100 kHz wide on 70 cm ?
>The data transmission is around 25 ms.
>Here is the link to their website
>Comments ?
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The WIA 70cm band plan - 
- provides for "reserved" segments that may, until required for 
something else, be used for any purpose.

431.275 - 431.975 RESERVED (Note 9)
432.625 - 433.000 RESERVED (Note 9)

Quote ...
Note 9: Reserved Segments
These band segments are reserved for possible future use in the event of 
further band allocation changes or increasing
LIPD problems. Until otherwise allocated they may be used for any purpose.

Ray vk2tv
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