[OZAPRS] Was Byonics, Australian requirements

Gordon Taylor gordon.t at internode.on.net
Wed Aug 8 00:22:19 EST 2007

I thought I should add my 20c worth as it is my track Andrew has displayed
on his website.

That was in 2005 and I was using an FT-100, TT3 and a Garmin GPS.  Antenna
was an ex RFDS tapped whipped tuned up from 9.9MHZ to 10.1476 with a bit
alfoil wrapped around the upper winding and covered in insulation tape.

Currently I am trialling an old Barrett SB220, cost $100, crystal was
$30.  Once I wound back the TX deviation somewhat it seems reliable and
packets decoded quite well.  The RFDS whip is still going strong.

I want to be able to use the FT-100 for voice and the Barrett can do APRS.
Only problem is fitting my Terlin antenna for voice and the RFDS antenna
APRS.  My Discovery has a spare tyre mount bracket that I have extended
put a Terlin base for HF and I may have to make something that attaches to
the roof rails for the RFDS antenna.

I may be going to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast in the next few days so
watch out for VK4VP-15


Gordon  VK4VP 

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Have you seen what HF aprs can do ?


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David Hopkins wrote:

>One of the greatest deficiencies as I see it is coverage of the 
>network. As an example take a trip from Brisbane to Sydney via the New 
>England Highway. There is excellent coverage from Brisbane to 
>Cunningham's Gap a distance of about 80Km. There the coverage promptly 
>cuts out and does not reappear until north of Maitland just north of 
>Newcastle. While the space station was in operation one could get a 
>couple of position reports out but this was next to useless. There are 
>quite a number of large towns along the highway.
>Imagine if these towns had a receive only station feeding the data into 
>the Internet, coverage would be greatly increased at minimal cost.
>David G. Hopkins (Vk4ZF)
>S27 32.191 E153 11.867
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