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>Hi Guys,
>Get this "Transmit only" thing in perspective!
>How often can you hear someone talking on a repeater direct?
>It won't make a lot of difference in real life whether the thing can
hear or not, 
>as most times driving around in a city or elsewhere it won't hear
others anyway and 
>will still transmit over the top. So, I don't have a problem with that,
provided people
>don't set them to beacon every 30 seconds. Cheers Horst, VK2HL

Have you actually listened to the APRS freq anywhere that has a TX igate
within a few hops?  In Melbourne/canb/syd, if I do a forced beacon, my
D7 can wait up to a minute to find clean air to transmit in - shove a
few of these deaf transmitters in, and it's going to wreak havoc on the
APRS network (and as someone said previously, probably result in some
seriously abusive emails to anyone running one of these..)

Not to mention the fact that they DO breach the conditions of our



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