[OZAPRS] the lost art of building it ourselves

Matt Howard MHoward at acaciapark.com.au
Mon Aug 6 10:26:57 EST 2007

I lament the motion towards plug-and-play / off-the-shelf technology
that is apparent today. It seems if the product doesn't do what we want
out of the box, we just dismiss it as not useful. Once upon a time
amateur radio was a leading light - paving the way for the commercial
world in the use of new technology - today we seem to have gone from
leading lights to luddite consumers - unable to take basic components
and craft a system that meets our needs - experimenting, testing - now
we just plug it in, power it up and we are happy.


We can move to higher speeds, all we need to do is create an
appropriately configured system that will support this requirement for
amateur use - hardware, software etc. It all currently exists in the
commercial world, just needs a few tweaks and then of course, all the
current systems we have need replacing. And that is where we stop.


Matt Howard



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