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Mike Zwingl oe3mzc oe3mzc at oevsv.at
Fri Aug 3 22:03:25 EST 2007

glad to see some activity on 10MHz HF-APRS. I am currently travelling in
Namibia V51 and on APRS  using oe3mzc-15.
Let me make u aware that the main problem of HF-APRS is the small
frequency offset with a normal tnc (MFJ-12xx) or soundcard.(30Hz) A mobile
station will not be able to tune to correct QRG and hold this for long in
the outback.
Therfore I recommend to use a DSp-TNC from SCS for HF-APRS-Gate. This DSP
TNC can tolerate 800Hz (!!) frequency offset on 300Baud FSK mode and even
supports new Robust Pcket mode (OFDM) with 500Hz tolerance, receiving
multiple stations simultaneously.
You can even download a MHeardList with frequency offset information for
last 25 stations received.
It will receive RobustPR even -10dB in noise.
It can be connected to UIView or other software via USB or via auxiliary
serial port (GPS-Port)
It is used by VK8ZAB-4 and VK6UZ-4 with excellent results.
I think special price applies for gateways?
vy 73 de Mike

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From: "Ray Wells" <vk2tv at exemail.com.au>
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> Hi Michael,
> Based on experience gained from forwarding into vk3 and eastern vk5 on
> 30m, I appeared to be well placed to be a HF gate, especially for those
> areas. Both of those areas were open into here for at least 20 hours a
> day, and with solid results.
> I use UIView on the Windoze machine but I have to say that Xastir walks
> all over it, in my opinion, but I am biased towards Linux's flexibility
> and reliability.
> I'm very lucky with this rural location. Noise level on HF is usually
> S0, excluding lightning type noises.
> Cheers
> Ray vk2tv
> >Hi Ray,
> >Welcome, I did some tests on HF last night and see your station gated
> >to the 'net!
> >It's good to have another HF APRS gateway up and running. When I get
> >motivated, I'm going to set one up near Port Lincoln. I have all the
> >gear, I just need a couple of weekends to get it installed.
> >Mine gateway will be around 10km out of town on a friends farm, RX
> >using a Codan X2 on 10.147.6MHz with a  MFJ-1278 TNC, and serial
> >ethernet server linked back my my QTH via a community wireless network.
> >Probably going to use UIView at this stage.
> >HF is far too noisy at home.
> >Regards,
> >Michael.
> >
> >Ray Wells wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hi All,
> >>
> >>I'm new to this list and want to advise that I recently commenced
> >>running a HF gateway from near Kempsey NSW, halfway between Brisbane
> >>Sydney, on 10147.60. The rig is a TS430 running about 25W to a dipole
> >>favouring about WSW/ENE. Callsign is vk2tv-4.
> >>
> >>Close to being implemented is a 2m digi on 145.175 that will also be
> >>gated to the network, and will cover a stretch of the Pacific Highway
> >>from about 40km south of Kempsey to a point about 30km north.
> >>
> >>Ray .. vk2tv
> >>
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