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Ron Perry ronk at sunlinux.com.au
Fri Sep 8 08:41:16 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 19:19 +1000, Craig Turner wrote:
> Hi Ladies and Gents,
> A while ago I discussed a friend and I launching a balloon and tracking 
> it via APRS.
> Well, work and weather have combined to allow us to set a launch date of

> Sun 11 Sep. The exact time is yet to be determined, but it will be early

> Sunday morning.
> The launch site is Murrumbateman football oval. I've created an APRS 
> Object called ICLaunch
> The Balloon will be VK1HCT-11 and the tracking station will be VK1HCT-7
> I will also have a Tinytrack with VK1HCT-9 in case I have to get out and

> hike after the balloon.
> I've just lashed out and purchase an Kenwood TM D700, and will be using 
> that connected to a lap top running UI-View. I will be listening to 
> 146.500 on Channel B (or a local repeater)
> I will also be listening on HF, at this stage I propose 21.195 USB, the 
> intent being here, if anyone happens interested enough to be watching at

> home, they could let us know if they are picking up balloon, which may 
> even be of assistance if we loose track.
> On Saturday I'll send out a BLN giving further details, and a BLN on 
> successful (or otherwise) launch.
> Quick question on the TM D700,  I would like to have the Data channel 
> receiving APRS as well as feeding it to the laptop, this way my co 
> driver can watch the lap top and navigate, and I can keep and eye on the

> signals on the kenwood, but at the moment it appears that to connect 
> UI-View to the Kenwood, the radio has to be in packet mode, not APRS. Is

> it possible to have APRS running on the radio as well as feeding the 
> info to the lap top?

I haven't found a way.

Ron vk3ecv

> Regards
> Craig
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