[OZAPRS] Oziexplorer 50K maps and XASTIR, Dion in Tassie

Rodney Mitchell rodney at melecom.com.au
Tue Nov 14 14:55:06 EST 2006

Hi Gang!

I was hoping that someone has played with using the *.ecw files within
Oziexplorer in Xastir. Those 50K tropo maps are unreal and ... very

Here's hoping, 

Not getting any/much (?) email from the XASTIR list, maybe I've become

I sympathise with Dion in Tassie, TT's beaconing on a turn rocks! I've
conformed and only beacon once every 2 minutes when mobile, but the
track is jagged and not much fun to look at! 

After finding plenty of dead spots near the south west coast of Adelaide
between Brighton / Seacliffe and across to Bedford Park (5 watts is
hopeless), the local lads, who have been there first setting up DIGIs
and now have seemingly an attitude of monopoly, were not impressed when
I set up a local DIGI for that south western area, maybe a beam? 

It's understandable that Aust is preparing for a single freq and greater
traffic as time goes by, but Geez, another form/source of control does,
to me, fly in the face of the spirit of AR...  :)

Just an opinion, no harm or flaming intended,

73 de Rod.


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