[OZAPRS] New n-N VK7 suggested settings

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Nov 13 10:22:14 EST 2006

Gday Tony

> Just because I mentioned that it was perhaps possible to trap the
> 3-2 etc in the digis didnt mean I was sugesting it was a good idea.. Its
> Kludge and may work on different digis and may not and is bound to work
> differently on different types of digis..

The traps are a bit of a kludge that is being implemented to find a
work-a-round using the equipment we have. The root causes of the issue is
not being addressed. User education (Guidelines) and smarter routing
equipment for digipeaters heads more to the root cause fix.
> This is all about the problems we are likely to have in the future as
> of the states dont seem to have imediate traffic issues now.. So as the
> network gets more busy into the future why have a system in place like
> WIDE3-3 which will be an overkill by this time..

I agree, it is easy to implement a system but can be hard to change it in
the future. We NEED to look at forward planning from a National
and assume that the RF Network and number of IGates will grow over time.
planning for this now we can make a smooth path into the future rather
the alternative rocky road. I think we are hitting some of the smaller
already. Lets grade the road ahead and lay down future guidelines now and
implement a good education system.

> As a sugestion in areas like VK7 and parts of  VK4 (VK4RBM etc)  why not
> use
> WIDE2-2 and grab the WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-0 final frames and Preempt them
> onwards from the digis using the prefered taylored paths specific to the
> area and situation which you are trying to work around.. That way you
> taylor the Paths to 4 and even 5 hops if need be to get them to the
> ..
> Also as more digis and Igates come on line then you can resort to
> with no Preempt neeeded and fall into line with everywhere else.. So the
> network can gradualy shrink back into Igate Zones for lack of a better
> terminology.. The WIDE3-3 wont jump across to VK3 so much and propagate
> too
> far if you are not using it and it wont need to be trapped and stopped
> anywhere either..

That's a good suggestion, one that we use in VK3 for 'Zoning' but I wonder
how many digipeater owner understand the power of Preempt in the UIDIGI


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