[OZAPRS] AX25 under Debian sending non APRS packets

Craig Turner craig at craigturner.id.au
Mon May 1 17:59:55 EST 2006

Hi Hamish,

Ok, thanks. Is it possible to grant access to ax0 to another user without
granting other root priveleges? I understand how to do that with normal
files and devices, using chown etc, but couldn't figure out how to do it
for ax0. Or will I have to run xastir as root?

It was Samba causing the original problem, which is Ok, because I am only
setting up and testing on this computer, and will be moving my ax25 set up
to a dedicated computer that doesn't need samba, so I've disabled samba
for the moment. I tried 'interfaces= eth0' but it still broadcast over ax0
even after a restart. I didn't put any effort into resolving it any
further as I don't need samba on the machine that I will be using as my
aprs server.

Thanks for all the advice to date, there was a lot of it, and all of it


Hamish Moffatt
> On Sat, Apr 29, 2006 at 11:24:41AM +0930, Craig Turner wrote:
>> At the moment its all working almost perfectly. I can only use the AX0
>> interface as root, so at the moment I have to run xastir as root to
>> access
>> the radio port. I am not sure how to resolve this at the moment, it may
>> be
>> because I am starting the ax25 interface from a console script as root.
>> Anyway, thats not my main problem...
> That's normal. UI packet programs (any APRS application) need to listen
> to all packets on the interface, and that needs root permission. You
> can't change that, except to modify the kernel source code.
>> I've managed to decode the packets and they are:
>> VK1HCT-1>QST>UI,?
>>   IP: UDP, Source:, Dest:, Len: 252
>> being the IP number I have assigned to AX0 port. It looks
>> me like some process is either pinging the port or sending a beacon. At
>> this point APRSD isn't running.
> That's possibly samba, if you're running it. If so, suggest modifying
> the configuration file and looking for the interfaces = clause, make
> sure that ax0 does not qualify.
> Hamish
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