[OZAPRS] VK3 APRS News Update.....

Richard Hoskin (VK3JFK) vk3jfk at wia.org.au
Sun Mar 19 21:40:11 EST 2006



VK3RMD-1 is now back on air, after a failed (broken) fuse was replaced.
IGate traffic to RF is being transmitted again.

However there is a problem with SiteAlert at VK3RMD-1 which will be
addressed in the future.


The digipeater VK3JFK-1 has a new callsign, it's now VK3RCV-1.

If you have VK3JFK-1 or VK3RBH-1 in your path will need to change it to
VK3RCV-1 for your station to digi through this repeater.


While at VK3RCV-1 we upgraded SiteAlert, the site monitoring & alarm tool
which reports on the digipeater's health.

Visit http://vk3.aprs.net.au/digi_site_graphs.htm for graphs of the last 5
days of site data for monitored sites.

For general information on SiteAlert visit






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