[OZAPRS] iGate callsign - silly question

Rendrag rendrag at rendrag.net
Thu Mar 16 09:40:30 EST 2006

Howdy Folks,

Silly question that I keep meaning to ask and haven't gotten around to
only been 3 years ;) )..  The VK1 iGate is running under my VK2 call -
should I be getting a VK1 call at my work address for it (since it's
at work), or is it 'ok' to run an RF station permanently in VK1 on a VK2

And next silly question - if I do need to get a VK1 call for it, will the
ACA get insanely confused if I put in a license app for a third call
(Already have VK2TDG and VK2DGJ) in a different state with a different
operation address?

I already confused them quite well when I walked into the ACA office (I'd
heard they'd re-opened the canberra office, but apparently no, you're
supposed to do everything over the phone, not just turn up) to do the
transfer of VK2DGJ from the fellow that had been holding it for me pending
me getting my dots and dashes (which I ended up not needing heheeh)..



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