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Peter Reichelt peter.reichelt at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 15 10:18:19 EST 2006

Hi Tony

I copied the object last night on a Yaesu handheld using the standard
rubber duckie inside the house approx 1.5metres above ground level at
Flinders Park.

It look likes it is getting out OK. I could also hear VK5RSC-1 direct.

73 Peter VK5APR
---- Tony Hunt <wavetel at bigpond.com> wrote: 
> Some developments in the Adelaide Metro area.
> You may have noticed the absence of VK5RNE for a few weeks.  This was
due to
> the site being vacated by the NE Radio Club .. For a time we ran VK5RAH
> Lobethal as a stop gap but it does not cover the Adelaide Metro as well
> obvious reasons.
> The NE Radio Club have offered a new site. Yesterday we commissioned
> VK5RNE-2 on test on this new site.. This is close to the old RNE site
> similar coverage we think. The antenna and arrangments are tempory in
> at this stage but should give a relative indication of what to expect..
> Igate traffic is currently working through this test Digi at RNE-2.
> Signal reports would be appreciated. As a tool in this endevor there is
> unique Object being generated nearby to the Digi symbol RNE-2. If you
> see this object let me know .. I am not giving anything away except that
> you can see this object on your map then you are seeing it direct.. Its
> to you to tell me what you see on your map . Hopefully this gets your
> curiousity.. The object is generated at RNE-2 every 15 mins or so.. For
> those with D700 and D7s it will appear as a Object in the station list
> give you an idea of the workability of this digi in mobiles..
> Send reports to vk5ah at bigpond.com
> 73 Tony VK5AH
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