[OZAPRS] VK5 Network News

Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 15 09:17:03 EST 2006

Some developments in the Adelaide Metro area.

You may have noticed the absence of VK5RNE for a few weeks.  This was due
the site being vacated by the NE Radio Club .. For a time we ran VK5RAH at
Lobethal as a stop gap but it does not cover the Adelaide Metro as well
obvious reasons.

The NE Radio Club have offered a new site. Yesterday we commissioned
VK5RNE-2 on test on this new site.. This is close to the old RNE site with
similar coverage we think. The antenna and arrangments are tempory in
at this stage but should give a relative indication of what to expect..
Igate traffic is currently working through this test Digi at RNE-2.

Signal reports would be appreciated. As a tool in this endevor there is a
unique Object being generated nearby to the Digi symbol RNE-2. If you can
see this object let me know .. I am not giving anything away except that
you can see this object on your map then you are seeing it direct.. Its up
to you to tell me what you see on your map . Hopefully this gets your
curiousity.. The object is generated at RNE-2 every 15 mins or so.. For
those with D700 and D7s it will appear as a Object in the station list and
give you an idea of the workability of this digi in mobiles..

Send reports to vk5ah at bigpond.com

73 Tony VK5AH

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