[OZAPRS] APRS newbie, equipment recommendations

WILSON Jim Jim.WILSON at stanwell.com
Fri Jun 30 07:04:35 EST 2006

Hi All,
I'm new to APRS and I'm looking to get some equipment.
I run scout camp where we break the camp up into four groups and they
walk from base to base throughout the weekend. I'd like a setup to
monitor their progress.

What are my options regarding trackers
what do people run? Tinytrack, opentracker, or freetrak any differences
between them?
What is a cheap GPS (module or mouse) to use? Where can I get one from?

What radios are best to use?
Can I use something like
Are there better options?

I only want the data for a laptop I'd have at base (and possibly one in
the car as well.) I wouldn't be using a gateway or other APRS station.

What format should I use for the tracker output.

What equipment do you use for picking up APRS to your computer (one
laptop with a soundcard and one without. I own two mfj-1270b's, can I
use these for receiving?

I'd like to view the results on a custom map (satellite with tracks and
features added) area of about 2 square miles
What is the best software to use? UIView? OziExplorer? Other?

If I have reception problems, is there any way to make a didgipeter on
the cheap. I.e. wire two handhelds together and drop on the hill for the

Is there any good online resources for this type of set-up and APRS in

Thankyou all,


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