[OZAPRS] Server down?

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Sat Jun 24 08:17:13 EST 2006

The VK APRS-IS servers were badly hacked a few years ago. To stop this
happening again some aggressive software was installed which blocks IP
addresses to the servers that the software thinks is a threat.
the software gets it wrong sometimes.

If you are blocked changing your IP address will get you back in. One
advantage of having a dynamic IP address. That's why your dialup worked.


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> I used to always have trouble with the Australian APRS servers blocking
> my Internode ADSL IP address randomly for some reason. Right now I can't
> ping australia.aprs2.net, while australia2.aprs2.net works OK. Both are
> shown to be up and working here :-
> http://f5vag.nerim.net/php/tier2_stat.php
> Sometimes, I couldn't connect to either server while other users had no
> issues at all. If I then got on-line via dial-up, I could connect!
> In the end, I gave up on the Australian servers and now connect to
> japan.aprs2.net with no problems, quite often vk5zea is up near the top
> of the list. The Japanese server always seems to have heaps of connected
> users, but I've never had any issues with connection refusals.
> Regards,
> Michael.
> Norm, VK2XCI wrote:
> > Have I missed something?
> >
> > Is aprs.net.au down?
> >
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