[OZAPRS] Server down?

Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Fri Jun 23 23:48:24 EST 2006

I used to always have trouble with the Australian APRS servers blocking 
my Internode ADSL IP address randomly for some reason. Right now I can't 
ping australia.aprs2.net, while australia2.aprs2.net works OK. Both are 
shown to be up and working here :-
Sometimes, I couldn't connect to either server while other users had no 
issues at all. If I then got on-line via dial-up, I could connect!
In the end, I gave up on the Australian servers and now connect to 
japan.aprs2.net with no problems, quite often vk5zea is up near the top 
of the list. The Japanese server always seems to have heaps of connected 
users, but I've never had any issues with connection refusals.

Norm, VK2XCI wrote:
> Have I missed something?
> Is aprs.net.au down?
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