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Andrew McDade amcdade at iprimus.com.au
Thu Jun 22 15:40:49 EST 2006

Gday Craig,

Where abouts do you source the $70 Deluo Gps from ??

Regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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> Ross,
> I am planning a similar project at the moment. A friend is building the
> balloon and I am building and designing the payload. We are keeping it
> under 2Kg as the CASA requirements for a sub 2KG balloon are quite
> I am using a Maxon 2550, an OpenTracker and a Deluo GPS.
> The Deluo GPS is about the size of a a matchbox and uses 5 volts. It has
> PS/2 style connector, but it is easy to make up a serial cable for it,
> with a voltage regulator inside the DB9 case.
> I havn't worked out the power budget yet, but I think I can bring it all
> in under 1.5kg. The advantage with the Open Tracker is it sends out
> temprature readings, battery voltage etc.
> We are using a solar balloon, which uses the sun to heat the envelope,
> at the end of the day it should gracefully descend back down to earth.
> Hopefully.
> The deluo is worth about $70. The other option is to use a Compact Flash
> GPS, which I think can easily be wired up to a serial port. I have a
> compact flash GPS which has the connector snapped off, and if I can get
> that working, then I will use that instead.
> Regards
> Craig
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>> Greetings All,
>>      I am after a cheap GPS unit preferably without a screen for use
>>      in a proposed balloon launch. Nothing to flash as we might not
>>      get it back! Any suggestions or ideas most welcome, will need it
>>      fairly soon as balloon launch is planned for November and will
>>      have a APRS beacon and either 2m or 70cm voice beacon.
>>      The launch will be part of a month long celebration of the 95th
>>      birthday of Amateur Radio Victoria (formally WIA Vic
>>      Division).
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>>  Regards,
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