[OZAPRS] Using Maxon Radios for RX

Craig Turner craig at craigturner.id.au
Tue Jun 20 20:45:21 EST 2006


With all these maxon radios being bought, is anyone using them for RX as 
well as TX? I am trying to set up a TNC-X with the X-Track option in my 
car. At the moment its set up in my lounge room, with an antenna located 
outside on the roof. I'm in an area that gets good coverage from 
VK1RGI-1 on Mt Ginni in the ACT.

Anyway, my TX seems to work fine.

I have the input GND connected to Pin 4 on the Maxon, and the TNC-X rx 
line connected to Pin 2 (which is labelled in the maxon service manual  
as 'Muted Demodulation Output) I have tried also pin 9, which is 
labelled (Data out low level filtered output), which doesn't seem to 
work either.

I have limited sucess by using a HT and a TT about 10 feet away from the 
antenna, and it works, but not much further than that.

Anyone got any advice?

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