[OZAPRS] Beaconing etc

Merv Joyce mjoyce at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 23 22:21:04 EST 2006

Hi Brian,

I don't understand why 'internet bandwidth" becomes an issue.  When you
connect to the aprs server login with a "very limiting" filter.  This
will minimize (if not eliminate any down traffic).  You can send your
position beacon and then disconnect ... all from your favourite aprs

Personally I use GPRS and UI packets from my PDA/mobile (i-mate) when I
am away from home. It is quite convenient and the software required was
quite simple.  Unfortunately this is not an easy solution to roll out
generally.  I had to do quite a number of nasty things in the firewall
(including use of non-standard ports) here to guarantee that "unknown"
sources could not inject packets into the network.  For that reason I
normally leave the "feature" disabled, and of course that means I have
to remember to do something before I can use it.

Planning a trip??????

Merv Joyce (VK4ZE)
Brisbane, AU

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Hi Folks

As matter of interest is there a way of:-

1. Sending a beacon to FINDU using a mobile phone perhaps by SMS or

2. Sending a beacon to FINDU via the net without running UI-View or
just a beacon direct to Findu

Presuming one is travelling or on tour and has a notebook when staying
at a
location with access to broadband there would be little problem running
UI-View but should you only have access to dial-up this may not be
but sending a short beacon to FINDU could be.

If the only access to the net is via an Internet Cafe or similar that
not have APRS software installed a means of sending a brief beacon to
would be ideal.

If one is in a remote RF area even with HF this is a  possibility but
access to a mobile phone network if an SMS or similar beacon can be sent
Findu this also ideal in such a circumstance.

Is there a means of carrying out any of the above?


Brian VK4BBS

PS: With all the above I am presuming that one either has a GPS with
them or
knows latitude and longitude of where there are.
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