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You can use the HTTP access in some phones to send a position report...
that might not be all that useful. 

I have a GSM modem bank here that I can hook up to send GPS position
if there is interest. As to what format... well...  We would need to work
out that. 

I would also have the server so that it would accept Benefon phone GPS
positions... And connect it into my commercial service which is how the
access would be paid for

What is the need? 


p.s. You can see a picture of my SMS/GSM box on my blog. The page is

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Hi Folks

As matter of interest is there a way of:-

1. Sending a beacon to FINDU using a mobile phone perhaps by SMS or

2. Sending a beacon to FINDU via the net without running UI-View or
just a beacon direct to Findu

Presuming one is travelling or on tour and has a notebook when staying at
location with access to broadband there would be little problem running
UI-View but should you only have access to dial-up this may not be
but sending a short beacon to FINDU could be.

If the only access to the net is via an Internet Cafe or similar that
not have APRS software installed a means of sending a brief beacon to
would be ideal.

If one is in a remote RF area even with HF this is a  possibility but has
access to a mobile phone network if an SMS or similar beacon can be sent
Findu this also ideal in such a circumstance.

Is there a means of carrying out any of the above?


Brian VK4BBS

PS: With all the above I am presuming that one either has a GPS with them
knows latitude and longitude of where there are.
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