[OZAPRS] 40 metres APRS...

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Thu Aug 3 22:16:20 EST 2006

G'day Scott and the group,

Thanks for your message earlier today which was sitting on my screen
when I came in this evening.

I decided to put my HF station on 40 yesterday and today (Wednesday and
Thursday) to see if I could receive your 40 metre signals and vice versa.

Your sigs have been good here during the times I have had the station on
air.   It took a while to zero in on your signal but in the end I wound
up using 7.036.5 on the TS-50 with the aged MFJ-1278.    The antenna is
an inverted V at 45 feet AGL.  Alas the preferred one closest to the
shack is affected by a strong warble from my computer monitor right on
that frequency.  The alternative 40 metre inverted V is higher and
further from the shack and should give better results.   I'll try this
one tomorrow.

Rob (ZL3RX) appears only around very late afternoon - almost on dusk.
No-one else has been heard from here so far.

I'll put the station on 40 again as I get the opportunity for a few more


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