[OZAPRS] Changes to VKAPRS-IS server configuration

John Williams vk5zty at bigpond.com
Fri Aug 4 12:42:01 EST 2006

Aprsd has not been worked on for some time.  Version 2.2.5-15 is dated
30/09/2003 although the 
CVS version is quite different and reports as 2.2.6. Your version of GCC
will probably dictate what
version of aprsd you can compile.

A work around for the server problem can be solved with a hack to the
source code.

In servers.cpp you can do something like this.

  ostringstream logon;
                logon << "user "
                    << pcp->user
                    << " pass "
                    << pcp->pass
                    << " vers "
                    << VERS
                    << " filter "
                    << "r/-35/139/500 p/VK/AX/VI/STN6 o/*"
                    << "\r\n";

Just search for ostringstream logon; and you will find the login code.

Modify the filter string as required.

Naturally would be nice to read it from the config file instead of hard
coding it in the source.

The local igate here runs a customised version based on 2.2.5-15 modified
to suit
local conditions.  The change log is listed below. The final version works
how we want and may 
not suit all.   It took a few iterations in the code to get there.

2005-08-24     John Williams VK5ZTY
	-servers.cpp allow aprs message duplicates from inet to RF
            Made provision in code for aprs message duplicates to go to
the net
           -Released 2.2.6.vk5zty.3
2005-06-16     John Williams VK5ZTY
	-aprsd.cpp add TimeBetweenPosit parameter
	-servers.cpp schedule_posit2rf now waits timeBetweenPosit value in
             Msgdest2rf required that gate2rf (RFalways) evaluated to
             Msgdest2rf will now send messages to RF based solely on the
            Any station that is local will have messages gated to RF
           -history.cpp add function getPosit2RF. Remove test for
positions > 15 minutes.
           Rely now on timeBetweenPosit value.
           - Released 2.2.6.vk5zty.2
2005-06-06     John Williams VK5ZTY
	- servers.cpp posit2rf not calling function to test for positions
> 15 minutes in history list
	- servers.cpp Changed logic for mesgdest2rf
	- history.cpp posit2rf. Test for positions > 15 minutues in
history list.
	- history.cpp  Add call to test posit2rf with wildcards
	 -utils.cpp    Add wildcard test of rposit2rf
	 -Released 2.2.6.vk5zty

Still have to code in the filter though.



On 2 Aug 2006 at 19:28, Gavin Rogers wrote:

> At 07:24 PM 2/08/2006, you wrote:
> >Geoff,
> >
> >Thanks for the update information.
> >
> >It would appear that "aprsd" does not support passing forward Tier2
> >filters.  Looks like I'm stuck with using the pre-deined filter ports
> >(eg 14577 for local stations).  From your message I assume that only
> >port 14580 is standardised, so using port 14577 with rotate.aprs2.net
> >might be unpredictable.  I have set my one and only "server" to
> >"first.aprs.net.au".
> >
> >Any comment from other "aprsd" users
> My Igate is also affected but I don't know of anything else that runs 
> under Linux that does the same job. If I could change to something 
> that supports filters then I wouldn't be stuck :-)

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