Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Wed Apr 12 09:01:18 EST 2006

Some of you might be interested to know where Rory has gotten to.

I caught up with Rory and his wife briefly yesterday morning in Adelaide..
He was leaving for Melbourne and then heading for Brisbane-Cairns .. VK8
off the agenda for now due to the Cathrine Flooding..

We did manage to get his Tiny Trak II programed and functional so thats
more step on the way. He was trying to get it connected to his laptop etc
but had issues with the USB port and a converter. So I used my laptop and
programed it up for him with 2 configs. The Primary is VK6AEE-9 and the
secondary is VK6AEE-6 setup for ISS..

He now just has to get it connected to his handheld but that probably
than the issues that he had getting it programed. I would guess that he
staying in Melbourne too long but may have it running by the time he gets
to VK2 or VK4 somewhere.. We had a look at his GPS settings and tested
on the laptop. It seemed fine with 4800Bd RMC and GSA NMEA being in there.

So it looks like he's nearly there. Just the last step. I left him with
info on frequencies and hopefully he will show up on the map sooner or

Tony  Hunt VK5AH

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