[OZAPRS] Server is down but 2m is up and open

Tony Hunt wavetel at bigpond.com
Wed Sep 7 00:05:25 EST 2005

I notice that the main Australian server is down tonight and alot have
swapped across to second.. Never mind our Igate has ceased transmitting in
Adelaide although it is still receiving ok off air.. Hopefully we will get
this sorted soon..

A couple of gems lobbed up tonight from Vk3 very late.. Have a look at
.. Probably wouldnt have noticed them if the Igate was running normally..

22:28:22R VK3BYD-6>APRS,WIDE2 Port=1 <UI C Len=30>:
22:28:32R VK3RON-1>APNU19,VK3WRM-1*,VK5BRC-1*,VK5RSC-1*,TRACE3 Port=1 <UI
!3504.25SU14218.63E#PHG5330/ APRS Digi - Ouyen - (1)
22:28:33R VK3RON-1>APNU19,VK3WRM-1*,VK5BRC-1*,VK5RNE-1*,TRACE3 Port=1 <UI
!3504.25SU14218.63E#PHG5330/ APRS Digi - Ouyen - (1)

Also 3WRM was there nearly half an hour later as well.. We often see WRM
RON but 3BYD-6 is very interesting
I wonder what device this was using the old APRS address and SSID 6 ?

3WRM is 339 km from here
3RON is 335 km
3BYD is 713 km. Well done

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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