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Thu Nov 24 17:56:22 EST 2005



Here is the latest news from VK3


VK3MY-4 HF Gate.


VK3MY-4's problems are now fixed. A  new radio has been installed and RF
interference to the TNC has been fixed.

The Gate is now back up and running well on 10.147.6Mhz.

On HF use the path of APRS via GATE,WIDE to access VK3MY-4


Thanks to Ross for operating the APRS HF Gate.


VK3 Frequency Change Project progress update.


All planning has been completed and most of the equipment is ready to go
the change of VHF APRS to 145.175Mhz.


Delays in obtaining licences for 2 digipeaters is still a problem. Paper
work was sent to ACMA some time ago but ACMA has a back log of licences to
process and it is estimated it will be 8 to 10 weeks before the
are processed and (hopefully) approved. (ACMA closes down for a few weeks
over Christmas.)


This means the ordering of crystals will happen around February 2006.
Commencement of the frequency change looks like happening late February,
early March 2006. (fingers crossed)


Mt Alexander Digipeater


Due to changes in antennas on Mt Alexander coverage area of the Test
Digipeater (VK3JFK-1) has been reduced especially to the south.

This is expected to be a temporary change until the new antenna for VK3RCV
is installed in the first half of next year by Amateur Radio Victoria.


VK3SB IGate Software Upgrade


Hamish has upgraded the software of the VK3 TX//RX IGate. The upgrade
some issues that had become apparent with the old software.

The upgraded software requires some fine tuning which will be done over
coming weeks.


VK3SB passes APRS data to RF which is received via the internet from the
other VK3 APRS RX Only IGates.


Thank you to Hamish for his continuing support of the VK3 TX//RX IGate.


APRS Services for all


VK3 APRS offers its users a number of services on the APRS network which
be of great help. Most of the services are run form VK3TBN-10 and include
Message Store and Forwarding, VK3 Repeater information, NetActive and APRS
message to Email & SMS gating.


Peter (VK3TBN) will be providing information and instructions on how to
these services on the OZAPRS Mailing list over the next few months. These
instructions will also be posted on www.aprs.net.au
<http://www.aprs.net.au/>  after they are published.








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