[OZAPRS] VK3 APRS Update No:1 Nov 2005

Peter vk3tbn vk3tbn at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 10:25:22 EST 2005

  Hi there Icons!,

  The VK3 APRS team thought that you might be interested in a few
developments that we have been working on over the last few months and
bring you up to speed with a monthly update.

  Many of you may have seen VK3TBN-10 on the APRS, and are utilising some
of the facilities I have installed on it - which is great.  But some of
you may not be aware of some of the functionality of the UI Store and
Forward message switch and how it can add to your APRS funtionality.

  Im sure you would be familiar with the messaging functions of UI View
and other APRS Software.  It can be really handy to message someone in the
field, and given the popularity of SMS, it’s a great fit. One draw back is
it only works when the other person appears on APRS.

  Using VK3TBN-10, this is no longer the case.

  All you need to do is send your message using the store and forward of
VK3TBN-10 and when your target station pops up on APRS, VK3TBN-10 will
forward your message for you.. 24x7

  In addition, you can use VK3TBN-10 to send to other stations, that you
cant see on RF, as VK3TBN-10 is on the Internet and sees all VK and ZL
APRS traffic. So it can send messages to RF and Internet Stations.

  You can even use it for remote messages via ISS. If your target station
is in remote Australia, they can beacon on ISS and VK3TBN-10 will see the
target station pop up and send your message to them as ISS passes over
them. If it doesn’t make it the first trip, then it will send it again on
the second orbit, until it gets an acknowledgement from the remote end.

  So how do you use VK3TBN-10 for Store and Forward to ask Richard
VK3JFK-9 if he can catch up for a bite to eat over lunch today?

  using your messaging function, address your message to VK3TBN-10 and
enter the following Message

  vk3jfk-9# Hi Richard, are you free for lunch today? Please RSVP via

  That’s it!

  When Richard hops in his car the next day, after his first APRS beacon
hits the APRS network, VK3TBN-10 will send your message to him.

  He would then send a return Message to you

  Vk3ABC# no problem see you at 12 at the usual, if im late order me a pot
and parma!


   The Syntax is xxxxx#  (Callsign)#( Space) (message)
   If you go over the max characters in the message and you need to send
another line of text, Do the same and the first line and add xxxxx#
(Callsign)#( Space) (message)
  xxxxx#  (Callsign)#( Space) (message)  message line 1
xxxxx#  (Callsign)#( Space) (message)  message Line 2

   If you need instructions you can ask VK3TBN-10 by sending the following
Message:   ?Sfinfo

   You can even send a Bulletin to all stations via VK3TBN-10 to send out
to all by addressing your message to BLN# ( # = a,b,c

  I hope you have enjoyed this months APRS update, next month I will show
you how to Send an APRS message and have it turn up on your email and/or
as a SMS on your phone
 Or your wife, child
. But that’s for next months..

  Till Then

  Yours In Radio


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