[OZAPRS] Getting UI-VIEW to Igate ISS traffic ?

Noel Rowe noel-r at clear.net.nz
Mon Mar 14 08:08:51 EST 2005

Tony said:-

>These frames are the classic Poppo frames from ISS .. They dont
>contain any position info .. They are not even APRS compliant really ..
>Have a look at the destination callsign .. P0PPP0 .. Whats that ??
>It does not even start with AP ..

The APRS Protocol Reference Document, chapter 10, page 42: Mic-E Data Format 
explains that.  For mic-e the destination field get a different use.

In the case of the ISS beacon, P0PPP0 is allowable and decodable.

As previously pointed out, UI-View has a lock out for any beacon that has 
both 00 N/S and 00 E/W.  Most other programs, and the Kenwood TH-D7 and 
TM-D700 pair, will decode it.  It is a D700 sending it down to us.  If only 
they would hook up a GPS to it!

Noel, ZL3GR.

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