[OZAPRS] UI-VIEW not feeding into second.aprs.net.au:10153 ?

G T & C A Beagley beagley at xtra.co.nz
Sun Mar 6 16:34:54 EST 2005

Hi Chris

I use aprsfl.net:14580 with a filter of "filter r/-38/176/2000 p/zl" 
(2000km centred on Wellington area). You could do the same centred on 
Perth. All details are in the UI-VIEW Help files.
I found that the OZ and NZ servers kept failing too often but aprsfl.net 
rarely fails.
I presume you are logging on to the server OK in which case you should 
appear at findu as soon as you connect. If not you have a problem 
somewhere in the setup.
I see you are on findu.com when I looked just now so you may have sorted 
the problem. However looks like your path is wrong. Try changing the 
"CQ" to "APRS". Looks like the stations hearing you are not responding 
to the "CQ".



Chris Hill wrote:
> Hi All,
> After the failure of my old laptop, I have now installed UI-VIEW on a PC
> which is left running 24 x 7.
> I have UI-VIEW connecting to second.aprs.net.au:10153, and I can see
> of traffic from the internet.  However, things don't appear to be
> 100% as expected.
> Can anyone help with the following:
> 1.  Is there an alternative port that I can connect to, or a "Filter
> which I can send upon connecting, which will limit traffic from the
> internet, to my system, to only those stations within (say) 6000 km
> of Perth?
> 2.  Does anyone have any insights into why my station (VK6KCH) is not
> appearing on the internet as a heard station (in eg
> http://map.findu.com/vk6* )?
> Once I get everything running again, I plan leaving my station
> 145.800 MHz
> 73 Chris VK6KCH
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