Fw: [OZAPRS] Can i connect one aprs client to ui-view ?

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Thu Jun 23 19:39:31 EST 2005

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Subject: Re: [OZAPRS] Can i connect one aprs client to ui-view ?

> Alan
> Try configuring a loopback port on AGW and get the clients to look at
> port as well. I have not tried this but I suspect it may help.
> Tony VK5AH
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> Subject: RE: [OZAPRS] Can i connect one aprs client to ui-view ?
> I use multiple clients connecting to a single AGW on my LAN at times
> too, but there is a problem with that configuration.  AGW does not echo
> back traffic to other clients, so beacons from one (say) Ui-View32
> client are not seen by the other (say Xaster).
> Using local server provides all clients with all data.
> The down side of using local server connections is that you loose the
> source identification of the traffic, so the second client cannot tell
> if the traffic comes from the internet, or a particular port on AGW.
> Cheers
> Alan ZL1AMW
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> Hi Andrew and Alan,
> What Alan said is good.. With Xastir Ive connectd it to Ui-View and Vice
> Versa using the server concept across the LAN . Also with Xastir (if
> your
> running AGW on the windows box with Ui-View perhaps) you can access the
> engine directly across the LAN if you select a AGW interface on the
> newer
> versions of Xastir like 1.5.0 .. This is even better frankly..
> Tony Hunt VK5AH

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