[OZAPRS] Wyong Fiedl Day APRS Stand

Colin Matten vk2kcm at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 30 16:15:27 EST 2005

I posted the below on the VK2-APRS discussion list last weekend and didn't

get much of a response.

Darryl responded and confirmed he has booked the table.
If anyone can help out, please let or Darryl or myself know.



Message: 1
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 21:15:15 -0000
From: "Colin Matten" <cmatten at nortelnetworks.com>
Subject: Wyong Field Day APRS Stand

As the Wyong field day is fast approaching (20th of February), it
probably time we start to organise the APRS stand at Wyong.
Has anyone booked the table? (I think Darryl normally books the

I will bring a laptop with UI-VIEW (As per last year). If time
permits, I will try and have a HF APRS station running.

I'd like to make a roaster up, if you can help on the stand, can you
please email and let me know when you can help and for how long.

I can be contacted on any of the numbers below if anyone wants to
discuss anything.

Work 02 8870 5424
Mobile 0425 215143
Home 02 43 234454
VK2KCM at hotmail.com 
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