[OZAPRS] 1:250K Mosaic

Carl Makin carl at stagecraft.cx
Mon Apr 11 22:43:56 EST 2005

Hi Andy,

On 11/04/2005, at 7:36 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Wonder if anyone is using the recently released NATMAP 250K Mosaic 
> topo maps
> of OZ for APRS ?

I haven't tried those yet, but there are a heap of free shapefiles on 
the GA site that I'm successfully using with Xastir once I wrote some 
dbfawk files for them.  Also the GA site links to the state mapping 
people.  The ACT government has shapefiles as well that include land 
features, topo, usage etc.  It's been interesting getting them working 
over the past couple of weeks.


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