[OZAPRS] Bad signal on 30m

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Terry. For what its worth I allways go for RF chokes .. You loose nothing
in the PTT or audio worth talking about .. Ive seen odd situations where
radios seem to need very low resistance to ground to make the PTT work ..
I generally go for 1mH which gives considerably more reactance on HF than
a 1k resistor gives resistance ..
Maybee theres another overkiller in the state as well as you!
Tony Hunt ..

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Richter, Mike W wrote:

Getting RF Feedback using a TinyTrak should not be a surprise - the

inputs and outputs go direct to the chip without ANY form of filtering -

I suggest putting a 1k resistor in series and a 0.01uF to ground on all

pins that run off the board. 



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G'day Mike and others,

This is good advice.   I went even further as I thought (perhaps in the
wrong direction).   I used minature rf chokes (from Jaycar) on all the
significant in/outputs from the board, and built mine TT3 board  into a
diecast box as well.

This unit has been used in both of our vehicles on 30 metres and on 2
metres and appears to be free of  RF issues - so far. 

It may have been overkill, but I'm a farmer, and agricultural engineering
principles invariably find their way into all situations 8-)

Is there any merit in using rf chokes as opposed to using resistors, or
vice versa??

Terry VK5ATN


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