Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 23 14:03:23 EST 2004

G'day all,
Confusion is rife at VK2XCI!!!

I have UI-view32 running into AGWPE.
AGWPE has 2 radio ports defined

Port 1. Soundcard modem into HF rig.
Port 2. TNC2 running KISS into VHF digi

I guess that UI-view knows nothing of the radio ports... it simply 
connects to AGWPE???

UIview "sees" input from both ports, hf and VHF and packets are decoded!
UI-view will only output to Port 1.
Can I change/combine/select the "output" port?

Domestic pressure is such that I don't have a lot of time to spend at 
the moment, so any help is appreciated

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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