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Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 13 13:45:27 EST 2004

roughplanet wrote:
> On August 4 this year, I subscribed to the ozaprs at marconi.ics.mq.edu.au 
> mailing list & received the admittedly computer-generated welcome email.
> On October 4, I sent an email to uiview at aprs.net.au requesting 
> registration details as per the mail I received on August 19 regarding 
> same.
> Having heard nothing at all, I then posted to this mailing list on 
> October 19,  requesting help re the registration of UI-view. The only 
> reply I received was from Allan Wallace, ZL1AMW, the New Zealand 
> provider of UI-view registrations, who was kind enough to supply me with

> the information I needed to register the programme.
> The point I wish to make is that ozaprs would appear, from my 
> experience, to be a 'closed shop', and contrary to the 'Welcome' email I

> received when I first subscribed to this mailing list some months ago, 
> new members are not particularly welcome, and are just ignored.
> This is contrary to my experience with other aspects of ham radio, where

> 'newbies' are genuinely welcomed & the spirit of amateur radio is alive 
> and well. If you can't be bothered with new members, then close your 
> mailing list & no-one will be any the wiser. On the other hand, if this 
> is simply a 'one-off', maybe it's time to review your practices to 
> ensure that it doesn't occur too often.
> I no longer feel miffed at having been ignored, as there are so many 
> other areas of amateur radio in which to 'dabble' that the apparent 
> exclusion from one, vis. APRS, is of little concern. It's just a pity 
> that ozaprs does not appear to either want or need newcomers, unlike 
> most other areas of  ham radio.
> Regards,
> Laurie Dare

I don't know why this has happened Laurie, but I just retrieved your 
email from my "spam" box on Bigpond! I use Bigponds spam filter service 
to try and reduce the amount in my own inbox and only check the webmail 
every few days.

Don't feel lonely 'cause it sometimes happens to mail from Bog Bruninga 
  on the aprsig list as well. Perhaps your previous emails got lost as 
well. To check it, send a post to OZAPRS and cc it to me at njmcmillanat 
bigponddotcom corrected as required of course.

The OZAPRS list isn't a closed list as far as I know, (and I've been 
subscribed on and off for a few years now!) and APRS certainly isn't ! 
Th only observation I would make is that the "participants" tend to be 
more "computer nerdy" than the Ham radio population in general.(No 
offence guys and gals!!!) Darryl in particular can be a little 
forgetfull, (and he freely admits it!)

The uiview registration thing has had a few hiccups since Roger passed 
away so don't give up on it. It took me two goes to get it registered.

I've CC'd to you direct in case you're no longer subscribed, and posted 
to the list so everyone knows what's happening :)

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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