Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 2 06:34:02 EST 2004

Tony Hunt wrote:
> Shes real noisy tonight on 40 for sure.. Tomorrow during the day will
> better I suspect.
> Have copied ZL3RX-4 VK3JFK-15 VK3WRM-4 VK2XCI-15 so far and there is
> station not so strong that sounds like its got RF feedback and does not
> decode at all as yet. It could even be one of the above stations but its
> clear at all.. I have not copied 3JFK-15 for a few hours simce dark
> which seems odd..
> The strongest is 3WRM-4. Its interesting to see that Norm is almost the
> distance from Mildura as I am just a little further.
> Have tried passing a few messages to Norm and I think hes getting them
> its too hard with the noise.
> Tomorrow you should see some local activity gated off VHF in a very
> sense for interest Norm. Will leave it running for now.
> Trying to be inspiring and encouraging there and it looks like you have
> picked the odd frame up.

Good morning Tony and others

I was doing well until we lost the power! We're at the far end of 250 km
of SWER line. The storms had passed us to NE, but thats where the power
comes from! Apparently the main Nyngan to Cobar feeder copped a direct
hit. We're fed from the same switchyard so when it dumped, we dumped.
Off for 4 hours!!!

Yep, I decoded plenty from you and Ron and UI-view was sending acks. I
could see there was a problem as Tony kept sending despite the Ack!
Tx here is probably not all that efficient as the antenna is
non-resonant and even with a tuner the SWR is 3:1.  The FT-107M doesn't
like it much and starts to get warm and the  protection ccts close it

Anyway, I'm back up on 7036 and will be here most of the day while I
finish off some TAFE assignments. Will also try to get MixW running
through a virtual port to see if the soundcard modem is more tolerant,
or even less critical!!!

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.

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