[OZAPRS] Someone is digipeating on HF?

Andrew McDade amcdade at senet.com.au
Tue May 25 21:09:39 EST 2004

Gday Tony and others,
There are other stations ( at least one other, other than Tony ) that are
GATE'ing posits from HF back to HF as well. I suggest that everyone
running on HF whether they be a GATE or not , check their Digipeter
settings. Specifically when running UIVEW. Take careful note of, and get a
complete understanding of the digipeter settings such as "Enable digi",
"Alias(es)" and probably most importantly "Digi routes".
regards .. Andrew .. VK5EX

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My humble appologies Brian & Gents .. On saturday morning I had the gear
running for a while with the Digi enabled on 30m.. I was most definitely
digipeating the HF stuff back out onto HF.. I stopped this when I realised
the unintentional error.. Sorry for the extra traffic and inconvienience..
I am supprised that it took till now for anybody to say something..
Perhaps there is another offender on there now since I shut it down on
saturday.. Or was it sunday ??
As Ive said previously if stations have callsign replacment enabled then
we would see whats really going on.. You would have seen my digis going
back out as VK5AH-2 in the callsign replacment.. It makes it pretty easy
to track down the offender and send a P message to ask him politely what
his game is..
73.. CU on HF sometime somewhere Tony VK5AH

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Subject: [OZAPRS] Someone is digipeating on HF?

First time that I have been in the shack really to listen for a while I
have just turned on to hear each and every one of my beacons using
GATE,WIDE being digipeated the only other station that I can identify at
present is VK3MY-4 not that I am saying that it is that station
digipeating on HF.
One station is most certainly digipeating or gating back to HF rather than
Brian VK4BBS


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