[OZAPRS] 30m the weekend

Chris Hill chris.hill at crhtelnet.com.au
Tue May 11 16:15:03 EST 2004

Hi Ron,

findu.com has records for VK4AGS-8, from 10:27 UTC last Thursday,
2004-May-06.  Looking at the records up until Sunday night (10:29 UTC,
2004-May-09), there was:

 12 packets (4%)  via VK3WRM
 23 packets (9%)  via ZL3GR,ZL1AMW-14
 87 packets (32%) via VK3SB
140 packets (52%) via VK4DMI-1
  8 miscellaneous
268 packets in total (ignoring the ones via your own home station?)

"Miscellaneous" includes packets that don't necessarily make a lot of
to me
(eg VK4AGS-8>R6R2X7,GATE,VK3CV-1*,qAo,VK3JFK:`PIbpi

You can see these records at:


73 Chris

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Hi All,
I drove Calliope (near Gladstone) to Brisbane last Friday during the
afternoon and returned Sunday in the early evening using 30m APRS.
I kept a log file of what was heard here at home from the network and it
seems that the Friday afternonn coverage was not too bad with about 20% of
the beacons being entered into the internet system. Gympie south, about
dusk, was not good until very near Brisbane.
The trip home was good until about 1900 (about Woolooga near Gympie) when
nothing was heard except a couple of beacons from Gin Gin.
I know Des 4DMI heard the HF beacons while I was in Brisbane but I am
interested in what other stations heard the beacons to understand the
I was running a ts130s, using crystals not the vfo, feeding about 50w into
homebrew tapped helical on the tow bar.

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