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Kev Cav kevcav at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 31 14:44:49 EST 2004

Kai Ora,
  Noel as one who comes from the right side of the Tasman and now living 
in OZ I do not understand why you seem determined to create an 
international incident.

I do not recall seeing on any license that I have ever had both NZ and 
now in Australia a listing and or restriction on use of these so called 
international frequency allocations. In fact for a long time I have 
supported the notion that these limitations in fact limit and intimidate 
band usage. Band Plans could be a contributing factor to the declining 
use of our bands, and we all know use them or lose them.

Could I respectfully suggest if you want to copy and participate in the 
OZ APRS scene then tune to the frequency in use. If not turn the rig off 
and get another pursuit that gives you pleasure.

Further as we have all seen in recent times I now take with a grain of 
salt what comes from Big Brother in the North. Lets do what suits us 
down under and where possible co-ordinate our activities but lets not 
follow like a lot of sheep.

Just perhaps the other eye should be opened to see the light.

Kevin VK4SP

Noel Rowe wrote:
> Brian,
> I do not dispute, and never have disputed, that you are on the same 
> frequency on 30m as other Oz stations.   And as you hear them, and 
> presumably decode them, that confirms you indeed are correctly netted to

> them.
> But what I am trying to get through to all of you over there in Oz, is 
> that you are all netted to a station that is itself not on the frequency

> that Bob Bruninga advised us all was the internationally used 
> frequency.  If the blind are leading the blind, please dont shoot the 
> one eyed messenger!
> I have been copying some of your staions over here, so we are talking 
> about an HF band with international coverage.   Should we all not be on 
> the same frequency?  In the context of APRS this means tuned to the same

> tone frequency pair.
> Noel, ZL3GR
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