[OZAPRS] VK3MY/VK4DMI on correct frequency?

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Wed Mar 31 13:41:44 EST 2004

Hi Noel
As far as I am aware both VK3MY and VK4DMI are on the correct
International 30m frequency we went through this some months ago now and
VK3MY at that time moved to the correct frequency with VK4DMI and a couple
of others us on 30m moved with him.
I suggest IF there is an error it should be taken up with VK3MY and should
he feel that he is perhaps wrong and decide to move we shall move with him
but if he stays where he is so will we.
The Band is virtually dead of any APRS traffic much like 40m is, IF by
chance VK3MY is on the wrong frequency will a move increase the traffic?
Brian VK4BBS
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