[OZAPRS] Ipaq 3600 serial+charger cables?

kpurves at pnc.com.au kpurves at pnc.com.au
Wed Jul 28 12:25:51 EST 2004

Hi Damien,

Have you tried www.gpsoz.com.au ? They are pretty helpful, I wanted just a
with a bare  cable 1m long for my 5550 IPAQ (to interface with my home
GPS/APRS system in the car), they didn’t have it listed on there site but
rang them and they supplied it at a good price.

As far as mounts go, I used a CF Sleeve/jacket and attached the back of a
phone mount to it. The CF sleeve halves can be separated so that you can
holes in it with out drilling through the Circuit Board. It made a very
mount at a fraction of the price of a RAM unit and has the advantage of
memory available for maps using the CF slot on the sleeve which is still




Quoting Damien Gardner Jnr <rendrag at rendrag.net>:

> Howdy Folks,
> Having just got me a copy of some funky GPS nav software for my ipaq and
> being a couple of days from getting the new bike on the road (which has
> very nice large space inside the rear fairings for mounting a
> GPS+transceiver, and a waaay over-rated alternator!), I'm looking to
> ram-mount my ipaq to the handlebars of the bike, but can't seem to find
> source of serial+charge cables.. - can find plenty of 'usb' cables, but
> combo serial+charge cables... Any thoughts?
> Oh, any ideas of suppliers of ram mounts that will fit the ipaq+pcmcia
> sleeve would be useful too :
> 73's
> Damien
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