[OZAPRS] UI-View and/or Net APRS Query

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jul 11 08:31:08 EST 2004

Hi Folks
I have a similar query for either or both UI-View and NetAPRS incidentally
NetAPRS appears to me to work better interfaced with UI-View than it does
stand alone as it appears not to decode some beacons whilst UI-View does
the lot.
Whilst it is possibly there and I have missed it my queries are:-
1. Is it possible to track and/or log one station alone at present it
appears that everything heard is logged, logging one particular Mobile
station travelling around would be and worth while feature.
2. Along similar lines to above if one is home one is able to track a
particular station but if away, at work for example, and one is aware that
a station is leaving to go on a trip some time after you have left for
work it would again be a good feature if one could setup some time prior
to that station leaving so that when it actually appeared the system would
automatically start Tracking and/or Logging that station. 
Be interested to hear if anyone has found these features as mentioned
above they are possibly there in both and I have not found them yet, great
programmes both of them especially with the added advantage that one can
also interface them with OziEplorer.
Brian VK4BBS
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