[OZAPRS] NetAPRS/OziEplorer, Find Map minor problem

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jul 10 21:09:03 EST 2004

Hi Folks
Darryl is interested in finding any possible even if only small problems,
if any, with NetAPRS I have been playing with it and have found a minor
Using NetAPRS with OziEplorer using a much larger map, complete Australia
for example, it is possible for a particular station to find its State,
Local Area, Town/City or even Street map IF you have these within your
OziEplorer map files.
The problem is that if one clicks any Curser on the Callsign "Waypoint"
(Callsigns are given temporary Waypoints in OziEplorer) you are given a
menu much like
Poll for latest position
Look up in QRZ
Look up in Findu
Etc etc 
But it does NOT bring up the menu that includes Find (Map Search)
Should one move slightly away from a Waypoint (Callsign) and click the
menu that includes FIND will come up this is fine but that little bit away
on the complete Australia or even a state map will become many kilometres
out when a local area map is found and displayed by OziEplorer.
I notice that when clicking on an actual waypoint/station with either the
left of right key the result is the same for both, I am suggesting that
the left could be used for the existing menu mentioned above and the right
could be used for the menu that includes the Find Map function.
I have also found that with all three UI-View, OziEplorer and NetAPRS up
at running together that for some reason well maybe my "playing" NatAPRS
locks up I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?
Looking forward to seeing and using the finished NetAPRS in the near
Brian VK4BBS
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