[OZAPRS] Maxon 2250 Programming Interface or Password forHackersRussia website needed?

Steve Clarke saclarke at swiftdsl.com.au
Fri Jul 9 09:15:12 EST 2004

Hi all, I am after any details on the programming interface needed for
dm 2550 series data radios.

I've got a few on the way to use for tracking, they are coming with the
software, but I need to build the interface to program them. I've been
its just a single wire level converter, so I suspect I can use either my
opc478 icom prog, or my 8030 interface with a resistor between tx & rx
(as I used for my syntrex plus). But I thought I'd put out the feelers
anyway, as I suspect some of you have possibly used these radio modules
tracking already.

I have found some schematics on some Russian sites, but have either
forgotten the password for the hackersrussia site, or it has changed since
last used. Has anyone got a recent password??? There is a schematic there
would like to look at, but its passworded.

Steve. vk2tlr

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