[OZAPRS] One thing for sure

Brian & Maureen bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jul 8 09:13:37 EST 2004

Hi Folks

Sorry for my very recent multiple emails appears as I have been reading
amongst the recent emails that it possibly was a bigpond problem all
along. I will have to learnn to be a little more patient.

One thing for sure is that when I do send out a email I do stir up some
activity and interest this is great to see.

Re Bob's comments have no idea myself of the HF activity in the USA as we
hear very little if any at all, not sure what if any they would hear from
VK or ZL especially considering the short skip generally of 30m and then
only generally during daylight hours which differ between us.

Whilst it would be impossible to cover much more than just a small
percentage of VK with VHF due to our vast distances and the fact that most
certainly not all Amatuers live around the coastal areas. We possibly
would have more need for HF Land Mobiles here than they do in USA.

Hopefully also much like VK4CLM is having a good reliable HF network will
encourage more of the remote operators to use it.

Brian VK4BBS

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