SPAM: Re: [OZAPRS] HF MOBILE beaconing, food for thought.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Wed Jul 7 23:56:47 EST 2004

>>> rsmitj at 7/7/04 2:10:13 AM >>>
>I think Brian is being reasonable.
>We simply monitor the situation and as traffic 
>increases we increase the intervals.

This is very unreasonable, unless you mean
by "monitoring" that you are listening to the
channel by HUMAN ear.  A totally 100% QRM'd
channel will have NO SUCCESSFUL packets
and to any DATA MONTIROING system such
as IGates, FINDU, etc, will show the channel
EMPTY, yet it is totally jammed and useless.

I always listen by ear, ALL the time, whenter
it is VHF or HF.  Wife doesnt like the noise,
but uless the human is monitoring, there is
no information avaiable as to the conditions
on the channel.

DCD light does not even work as such a monitor
BEcause in a collision, the data is canceled and the
light does not even detect the channel as
busy!  I see too many appliance operators these
days that NEVER listen to the channel.  When they
get poor success, they just SEND MORE...

This is very worrysome...

de WB4APR, Bob

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