[OZAPRS] KPC-3 firmware for APRS

akavk3 akavk3 at austarnet.com.au
Thu Jul 8 14:33:22 EST 2004

Thanks Terry,

I have been assisted directly in getting the KPC3 upgraded, haven't done
as yet however. I can burn my own eproms, so cost is not a factor.
I am interested in an instruction sheet for ver 8.2 or 8.3. Kantronics
downloadable manuals for the KPC3+ perhaps it might help, even though mine
is a (non plus).
I am aware of the tinytrack, and it may be the next project.

Thanks for your reply


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G'day Barry and others,

You could check with Ross (VK3MY) as he is (I think) still supplying 
Kantronics gear.   If the factory no longer supports eprom upgrades for 
this version, I guess the door might have to be opened to other options.  

I was able to get an eprom (Version 6 from memory) for the first series 
KPC-3 (TCM3105 chip) from an amateur here in VK5 who had some access to 
eprom reading and burning facilities.  This was some time ago, and quite 
a few things have changed since then.   He may still be able to do this, 
but I haven't contacted him for a while.    If you don't get any better 
offers, contact me off list, and I'll see what I can find out.

The KPC-3 works OK in this role on 1200 APRS (VHF) - I have used it for 
some years now.   Like most late "enhancements" the GPS facility is a 
bit of a compromise, but it is quite functional and works well.    Alas 
I cannot find the instruction/upgrade sheet which came with my eprom, 
but it may come to the top of the pile, and when it does I could send it 
to you.
More recently I've switched to a Tiny Track 3  which does much the same 
sort of thing but with a few extra enhancements.   The costs of a new 
eprom and/or burning one might nudge the budget closer to the cost of a 
TT kit anyway - it depends what you have on hand at the present and all 
the other factors which determine what the final station will be.

What callsign shall we look out for when you get it all going?


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