[OZAPRS] HF Mobile beacon times

Craig craigp at marconi.ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jul 8 00:15:21 EST 2004

The only spam protection on the mailing list is that to post you must be a
member of the list.

I have seen the following messages in the last few days.
2334 Jul  5 Brian Beamish       (7227) [OZAPRS] Only one VK APRS gateway
2348 Jul  6 Brian Beamish       (5552) RE: [OZAPRS] HF Gate Update.....
2350 Jul  6 Brian Beamish       (5457) [OZAPRS] From one to four in 24
2371 Jul  7 Brian Beamish       (9779) [OZAPRS] HF  MOBILE beaconing, food
2374 Jul  7 Brian Beamish        (12K) [OZAPRS] HF  MOBILE beaconing.
2375 Jul  7 Brian Beamish       (5419) RE: [OZAPRS] HF Mobile beacon times
2377 Jul  7 Brian Beamish       (7135) [OZAPRS] NetAPRS and UI-View

Will look into settings to see if there is any reason why Brian is not
seeing these messages.


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