[OZAPRS] HF Mobile beacon times

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jul 7 14:49:50 EST 2004

Hey Folks, please accept my apologies if you get this three times, as I
tried 3 times today to get the same message below through, It would
hopefully not, that for some reason or other unbeknown to me I have been
locked out of the OZAPRS server.

The original message was titled
"HF MOBILE beacons, food for thought"
Maybe the title look like spam but the second one was only HF MOBILE
Someone my like to let me know why each did not get through hard to
that I have been locked out for no obvious reason.

Regards Brian

Hi Folks

I am not trying or even intending to stir up a hornets nest so please no
flack just constructive criticism if any.

Des VK4DMI-4 and myself think along similar lines on this.

>From our experience over a long period we find that with skip and band
conditions unlike VHF where you can get a "Hit" just about every beacon
quite often on HF two or three beacons, possibly more if conditions are
right, can easily not get heard in TOTAL by a gateway and this being the
case will not be gated.

Normal highway out of town conditions where most HF Mobile APRS would take
place could easily put you 50 to 100 Kms out, if we had perfect conditions
all day and every beacon was copied and gated we agree 10-15 minutes
beaconing would be fine but in actual fact this more often than not is not
the case.

As there are at present so few HF Mobile APRS stations operating and until
such time as we see a reasonable increase in Mobiles that we feel beacons
intervals of 1.5 to 2 minute intervals would be acceptable especially
considering that not every HF beacon is gated and most of the day all one
hears is the Gateways with their occasional beacons.

As an example I have been mobile for at least 1.5 hours over the past 24
hours beaconing then at every minute if you were to look at findu, at this
moment, you would find that the last time VK4BBS-15 was gated was over 24
hours ago then by VK3MY-4.

A different tack to the other suggestion we know but as my email reads
for thought.

Brian VK4BBS

PS: We agree that it would be great to see a gateway Alice Springs if that
was possible along a couple in VK6 all of which would be a real bonus of
that there is no doubt.

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