[OZAPRS] HF Mobile beacon times

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Wed Jul 7 00:23:46 EST 2004

Well while we are on the subject of HF operations and all excited it might
be a good idea to check our beacon timings..

I dont know what was decided or discussed last time this came up but Ive
noticed some strange things particularly today..

One station who I will name VK2HL was beaconing at about 30 second
intervals.. Now I appologise if this embarrases him/her .. That is not my
intention.. There may be some good reason for this.. I noticed it
over a pretty long period unfortunately..

As I said sorry if it causes you embaresment but last time someone didnt
want to name someone then we all got left guessing and the discussion went
round in circles for days.. I am not usually a rude person for those who
know me so I have no intention to make trouble.. After all we are all
experimenters.. I myself was asked when I was going to stop messing about
home here with HF beacons..

Ive since gone mobile around the City and Metro areas in range of the 2m
system and I am beaconing on HF from the car.. Maybee this could be said
be stupid by some and I understand.. The arrangment isnt perminent
So I can imagine that 2HL's 30 second beacons are of the same nature..
He/She seems to be beaconing from the car but its not moving when we get
these 30 second beacons..

Now if anybody did this in Adelaide on VHF it would be raised in a
way probably.. Its just about education basically..

For info I beacon from the car at a rate no faster than about 7 mins from
what I can tell stationary or mobile with Ui-View.. If this is a problem
then I would hope sombody would tell me..

Today I inflickted the network with lots of message frames in the
as a bit of a test.. I never got any ACks back either but thems the
With more and more TinyTrak3's getting on there I guess messaging has its
limitations anyway..

73 and enjoy Tony Hunt VK5AH

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