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netAPRS is being expanded all the time. I have added basic beaconing
AGWPE, but only in the Italian version... and only under very limited
distribution [ Hey, the guys in Italy were the ones who really pushed for
that feature]

There are probably bugs in the software... And if something is not working
please let me know. Also please let me know about any other features that
you would like. Anyone who as looked at the menus in netAPRS will see
that code can be added... So force me to add the code :-)


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I need some help with Ozi-APRS and UI-view32 ..

Ive enabled the GPS TCPIP server output on port 1449 for UIview and
can certainly see the NMEA strings flying past if I setup the OziAPRS
to look at port 1449 .. But of course they are not valid APRS
posits with a Waypoint attached etc.

How can I get OziAPRS to do something with these strings like attach them
a waypoint or to pass them to OZiExplorer and plot them ?

Trying to get another Virtual port running on the machine is pretty well
of the question. I allready have a virtual loopback port running between
MixW and UIview. The machine is Windows 98SE. I could use the virtual com
port to pass the strings to Ozi-Explorer from UI-view but then I loose the
APRS TX/RX functionality with MixW..
I basically want to plot myself in real time onto Ozi-Explorer and not
UIview ..

Perhaps there is a addon that will listen on the TCPIP port and convert
NMEA into valid posits or Waypoints and resend them on the TCPIP thats all
it would take I guess.. Or maybee I am just not doing this the right way !

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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